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A crucial part of the Treaty Investor Visa application involves demonstrating that the funds are legitimate and substantial. If you’re considering using gifted or loaned money for your investment, an E2 Visa attorney can assist in handling the legal complexities.

Here, you will learn how these lawyers can ensure you meet all legal requirements for using gifts or loans as investment sources. They will help you develop a strategy to present your financial situation in the most favorable light.

Guidance On Using Gifts And Loans From An E2 Visa Attorney

How Does An E2 Visa Attorney Help Prove Capital Investment?

When applying for a Treaty Investor Visa, you must show the correct type of capital investment. In business, everything must comply with the law, mainly when operating in a foreign country like the United States. An E2 Visa lawyer is essential in proving the legitimacy of your funds, mainly if you’re using gifts or loans.

Visa attorneys meticulously review all financial records to create a solid foundation for your application. This includes examining bank statements, financial records, and other relevant documents to demonstrate the substantial nature of the investment. They ensure these legal papers clearly show the funds are readily available and lawfully obtained.

A competent attorney will work with financial professionals to provide a clear and transparent paper trail of your funds. Their goal is to eliminate doubts about your capital investment’s legality and substantiality. This preparation Visa is essential for presenting a compelling case to U.S. immigration authorities.

What Are The E2 Treaty Investor Visa Requirements?

Before diving into the specifics of using gifts or loans, it’s essential to understand the basic requirements for an E2 Visa. You can qualify if you meet the following:

  • Nationality. You must be a national of a country that has a treaty of commerce and navigation with the United States.
  • Investment. You must have invested, or in the process of investing, substantial capital in a U.S. business. It must be proportional to its size and operations to ensure the enterprise’s success.
  • Ownership. You must own at least 50% of the business or have operational control through a managerial capacity. 
  • Business Viability. The business must be an actual, active, operating enterprise, not a marginal one. Passive investments, like stocks or undeveloped land, do not qualify.
  • Intent To Depart. You must intend to leave the United States when your E2 status ends.

The investment requirement largely dictates the decision of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) regarding your application. That’s why it’s crucial to properly establish your funds, especially if you’re using unconventional sources like gifts and loans.

Can You Use Gifts Or Loans As A Funding Source?

You can use gifts and loans as capital to grow your business venture in the United States. However, you must remember these things to maintain good standing in your application. There are some key points to consider for each.

Secured & Unsecured Loans

Strict guidelines apply when using loans as investment funds for an E2 Visa.  Loans secured by your assets (like a house) are acceptable, showing your financial commitment. That said, you must have collateral, such as a house, to cover the loan amount and demonstrate your commitment to the investment.

You must include a copy of the loan agreement and security proof in your application. The documents should clearly state the loan terms, interest rate, repayment schedule, and collateral used. Ensuring all documents are thorough and demonstrate the necessary elements contribute to the success of your E-2 Visa application.

Unsecured loans are allowed for the E-2 Visa, provided they meet specific criteria. The critical requirement is that the funds must be at risk. Since an unsecured loan is based on personal credit and signature rather than business assets, it typically meets this requirement.

The unsecured loan risks the applicant’s funds. This condition aligns with the E-2 Visa’s stipulation that the investment must involve funds at risk of loss.

Gifts As Investment Funds

You can also use gifts as capital investment, provided they meet specific conditions. You must verify the source of the gift and provide documentation proving the legality of the funds. A gift letter from the giver should explain your relationship, the amount, and how they obtained the money without expecting repayment.

In such cases, bank statements or online transactions showing the fund transfer of the gift to your account are necessary for your application. A competent immigration attorney can help verify the source and its legitimacy, ensuring you properly prepare and submit all documents.

Given the strict conditions governing using gifts or loans as investment funds, it’s crucial not to second guess your decisions. To ensure accuracy, seek guidance from a seasoned lawyer. They can help you strategize effectively and boost your chances of acquiring a temporary Worker Visa.

How Does An E2 Visa Attorney Strategize For Gifts & Loans?

When securing an E2 Visa, an attorney uses several strategies to incorporate gifts and loans as investment funds. Each type of funding source requires a tailored approach to meet the stringent requirements of U.S. immigration authorities. A top-notch lawyer can effectively handle the situation by the following options.

Strengthening The Gift Letter

A well-crafted gift letter is vital for gift funds. An attorney ensures the letter includes all the essential details and helps you align its tone and content to the specific situation. For instance, a gift from a parent to a child might emphasize the family’s history of supporting your ventures.

Meanwhile, those from a friend might focus on your long-standing relationship and the friend’s belief in your business idea.

Verifying The Gift’s Source

If the gift amount is significant, a lawyer can recommend the giver provide documentation of their financial resources. It could include bank statements, tax returns, or proof of asset sales that generated the gifted funds. Doing so will help establish the gift’s legitimacy and reduce the chance of perceiving it as a disguised loan.

Addressing Potential Red Flags

An attorney can anticipate possible USCIS concerns regarding the gift. Suppose a recent college graduate receives a significant gift from a parent to start a business. A Visa attorney can advise to include proofs showing the graduate’s relevant coursework, business experience, or qualifications despite their recent graduation.

Structuring The Loan Agreement

A skilled lawyer includes the required details in the agreement and structures it well to meet USCIS standards. For example, the attorney can recommend including a clause that specifies the loan is unsecured by any business assets. It can help mitigate concerns from USCIS that you might abandon the business to avoid repaying the loan.

Demonstrating Repayment Ability

The USCIS wants to see that you can repay the loan. A lawyer can help demonstrate your financial resources and future earning potential from the business to show you can meet loan obligations. They can also help you anticipate issues related to your loan.

For example, if you have a limited credit history, they can suggest obtaining a co-signer with a strong credit score to strengthen your application.

Improving Security Considerations

If personal assets secure the loan, an E2 Visa attorney can clearly outline which specific assets are used as security in the agreement. They can also advise you that using business assets as security might raise concerns regarding your commitment to maintaining the business’s operational status.

By implementing these strategies, an E2 Visa lawyer can improve your chances of successfully using gifts or loans to fund your investment. That said, tapping into the skills of an attorney from a trusted law firm is always a solid choice.

Lozano Law Firm Can Help On Fund Transparency

Obtain E2 Visa Successfully With An E2 Visa Lawyer In San Antonio

At Lozano Law Firm, we understand the critical importance of clear and transparent documentation for your E2 Visa application. We will collaborate with you to gather and present the necessary documents effectively. Doing so would ensure you demonstrate the legitimacy of your investment capital, whether it comes from gifts, loans, or other sources.

We meticulously review all financial documents to ensure they meet the required standards. We verify the source of funds and confirm that all necessary paperwork is complete and accurate. If personal assets secure the loan, we will clearly outline which specific assets are used as security in the agreement to ensure clarity and compliance.

Moreover, we can advise on potential concerns, such as using business assets as security. It might raise questions about your commitment to maintaining the business’s operational status. We assure you of our ongoing support, from the initial consultation to the final submission.

The team at Lozano Law Firm is here to answer questions, provide guidance, and address issues, ensuring a smooth application process. Our commitment to your success means you can focus on growing your business.


When applying for an E2 Visa, using gifts or loans to fund your investment can be a viable option. However, it’s vital to understand the legal requirements and ensure your application package clearly shows the source and legitimacy of your funds. An E2 Visa attorney guides you through the process and helps you increase your chances of success with effective strategies.

We at Lozano Law Firm provide skillful guidance to ensure your application is clear, complete, and transparent. If you need help navigating employment-based immigration using gifts or loans as investment funds, we can be your trusted ally.

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