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Citizenship and naturalization are paramount elements of a nation’s identity, granting individuals legal rights and status as country members. If you plan to become a U.S. citizen, consider hiring a citizenship attorney to guide and advise you.

There are several ways to become a U.S. citizen, and naturalization is one of them. The process is complex and governed by strict rules and procedures. Applicants must meet specific requirements, pass a civics test, and demonstrate good moral character.

Become A U.S. Citizen If You Qualify And Get Help From A Citizenship And Naturalization Lawyer

A Citizenship Attorney Streamlines The Process

Attorneys for citizenship have essential roles in this journey, helping individuals understand and navigate the legal pathways. With their knowledge of the process and the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), these legal professionals assist applicants with their eligibility assessment.

Attorneys can guide you through the naturalization test, USCIS interviews, document preparation, and more. Their experience helps reduce errors and delays and ultimately aids in successfully attaining U.S. citizenship. Having them ensures you live in the country permanently with your loved ones.

Navigating the intricacies of an immigration process can be daunting. An immigration attorney ensures accurate guidance, minimizes mistakes, and enhances your chances of success. One such trusted firm is Lozano Law Firm with San Antonio, San Angelo, and Eagle Pass offices.

Citizenship lawyers at Lozano Law Firm can assist with the application for naturalization, interview preparation, and citizenship tests. In cases of denial, they can represent clients in appeals or reviews and assist with reapplication. For board-certified immigration advice in Texas, contact them today.

The end goal of the process is to become citizens, and many want to achieve it. Rightfully so, since citizenship offers various privileges. These include voting in federal elections, obtaining a U.S. passport, and protection under U.S. laws. An immigration attorney can help you accomplish your pursuit of citizenship.

Citizenship & The U.S. Government

The U.S. Government, specifically the legislative and executive branches, sets the laws for U.S. citizenship and its process. Key regulations in the U.S. Constitution and the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) define the path to citizenship.

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is a Government agency responsible for executing these laws. As part of the Department of Homeland Security, USCIS reviews applications for naturalization. It includes conducting requisite interviews and administering citizenship tests. It also has the authority to approve or reject applications based on set criteria.

Pathways For Applicants To Become Citizens

Several scenarios can lead you toward U.S. citizenship, each presenting unique challenges and requirements. These scenarios may involve U.S. nationals, refugees, or Green Card holders, each with a distinct path to citizenship.

Nationals Seeking Naturalization

U.S. nationals, mainly individuals from territories like American Samoa and Swains Island, are considered non-citizen nationals. They have a unique path to U.S. citizenship. It includes continuous residence in the country, good moral character, and an understanding of English and U.S. civics.

A lawyer for citizenship can significantly assist you in these cases, demystifying legal complexities and guiding you through the process. They can help you prepare for interviews and ensure all required documentation is accurately submitted. They can also represent you during interactions with the USCIS.

The Way To Citizenship For Refugees

Refugees granted asylum in the U.S. can begin their journey to citizenship one year after admission. They must apply for a Green Card or lawful permanent resident status, a critical step towards naturalization. Refugees can initiate the citizenship process five years after obtaining their Green Card.

This process requires the applicant to satisfy several requirements. These include a sufficient period of permanent residence, proficiency in English, and knowledge of U.S. Government and history. An immigration lawyer can support refugees throughout this journey. They can help meet the necessary legal criteria and navigate potential obstacles.

From Permanent Resident To U.S. Citizen

Lawful permanent residents, or Green Card holders, can apply for U.S. citizenship after maintaining their status for a specific period. It’s five years for most, but three years if married to a U.S. citizen. The naturalization process includes filing Form N-400 (Application for Naturalization), passing a citizenship test, and taking an oath of allegiance.

An attorney for citizenship can prevent errors and misunderstandings due to the process’s complexity. They ensure accurate paperwork, prepare you for the interview and test, and represent you. Thus, they can increase your chances of a successful application.

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The Texas immigration attorneys at Lozano Law Firm have helped many individuals become legal citizens of the United States. Don’t be intimidated or get discouraged by the complexities of immigration forms, immigration laws, and U.S. immigration policy. Our Texas citizenship lawyers have the knowledge, skills, and experience to help you through the process, giving you peace of mind while working to stabilize your legal residency situation.

Documentation In Citizenship Applications

Documentation forms the bedrock of any citizenship application process. It establishes the applicant’s identity, demonstrates their eligibility, and supports their claims in the application. The USCIS requires various documents for citizenship applications, depending on the individual’s circumstances.

Some standard documents include the applicant’s birth certificate, passport, and evidence of lawful permanent residence (like a Green Card). USCIS can also require proof of continuous residence and physical presence in the U.S., tax records, and more. A marriage certificate or proof of military service may asked for relevant applicants.

Accurate completion and submission of these documents are crucial. Any errors or omissions can lead to delays, requests for further evidence, or even application denial. Applicants must fill out appropriately, translate if necessary, and support these documents with relevant evidence.

Documentation is where immigration lawyers can play a crucial role. Their knowledge of immigration law and experience with citizenship applications can help applicants assemble and submit all the necessary documents.

They can review each document for accuracy, meet USCIS requirements, and address additional USCIS requests for further evidence. Their involvement minimizes mistakes and oversights, speeds up the process, and enhances the chance of successful application.

Enjoy The Rights & Privileges Of U.S. Citizenship

Even if you have obtained a Green Card through an employment-based or family-based Visa, you should know that lawful permanent residence is not as permanent as its name implies. In actuality, the length of your residency lies within the discretion of the Government. As a naturalized citizen, on the other hand, you can stay in the country as long as you like, while enjoying all the civil rights and benefits of citizenship in the U.S. democracy.

As a U.S. citizen, you can:

If you’re ready to start the naturalization process, contact a citizenship and naturalization lawyer at Lozano Law Firm. We can help you assess your eligibility and educate you about the intensive process of becoming a citizen.

What Is Naturalization?

When you’re born in the United States, you automatically become a U.S. citizen. This is sometimes called “birthright citizenship.” However, for many foreign nationals, American citizenship is a lifelong dream. Under certain circumstances, foreign nationals can become U.S. citizens through the naturalization process. Typically, you must first have legal permanent residence in the United States for five years before you qualify for naturalization.

If you have questions about legal permanent residency or need a green card, contact a citizenship and naturalization lawyer at Lozano Law Firm for more information. Depending on your unique circumstances, you and your loved ones might qualify for Green Cards based on family sponsorship, employment, investments, or other factors. We help our clients understand their Green Card eligibility and build comprehensive immigration plans that are both practical and meet their needs.

Form N-400 For Naturalization Process

Form N-400, the Application for Naturalization, is a critical document in the U.S. citizenship process. It is the official request for an individual, typically a permanent resident, to become a U.S. citizen. This form collects various details about the applicant. They include biographical information, residency history, moral character, and allegiance to the United States.

The USCIS meticulously processes each N-400 form, making its completion and submission an essential step in the naturalization process. The form requires extensive information to ensure the applicant meets the statutory eligibility criteria. USCIS uses the information in Form N-400 to verify eligibility and conduct necessary security and background checks.

The review process can take several months and involves a series of steps. These include the initial review, background checks, interview scheduling, the citizenship test, and a decision on the application. An immigration lawyer can play an instrumental role in this process.

The attorney’s deep understanding of the naturalization process can help applicants accurately complete and submit the N-400 form. In addition, they can aid in preparing for the interview and citizenship test. They can also represent the applicant during USCIS interactions and advocate on their behalf if any issues arise.

Eligibility Criteria

The INA defines the eligibility criteria for naturalization. To qualify, the applicant must be at least 18 years old and have held permanent resident status. Typically, the applicant must be a green card holder for at least five years. Exceptions to this duration exist for specific groups, such as spouses of U.S. citizens and members of the U.S. armed forces.

The Oath Of Allegiance

Upon passing the citizenship test, applicants participate in a formal naturalization ceremony. They take the Oath of Allegiance to the United States, pledging their loyalty to the Constitution and laws. This oath is the final step in the naturalization process, marking the applicant’s formal admission as a U.S. citizen.

An attorney can provide invaluable assistance throughout this process. They can guide applicants in understanding the eligibility requirements, help prepare for the citizenship test, and assist with correctly submitting forms and documentation.

In addition, they can represent during interactions with USCIS and offer support in case of any disputes arising during the process. A citizenship lawyer can be a dependable ally on this pivotal journey by facilitating a smoother transition from permanent resident to citizen.

The Naturalization Process Is Complicated But Worthwhile

Becoming a naturalized citizen isn’t a simple or easy process. However, U.S. citizenship is a valuable asset and a long time goal of many of our clients. We are honored to help our clients reach their goal of obtaining a U.S. passport and citizenship.

Typically, you must do the following to become a naturalized U.S. citizen:

The Naturalization Test

This two-part exam assesses the applicant’s English language skills and knowledge of U.S. history and Government. First, the English test involves speaking, reading, and writing segments. Second, the civics test consists of ten questions on American history and Government drawn from a hundred potential questions. A score of at least 60% is necessary to pass.

If you are married to a U.S. citizen, you only have to wait three years before you apply for citizenship.

However, even one mistake might put your citizenship application at risk. And if immigration authorities note inconsistencies in your information that they were previously unaware of, you might also endanger your Green Card.

With so much on the line, it’s always in your best interest to consult with a citizenship and naturalization lawyer at Lozano Law Firm before you start the naturalization process. We can help you understand the nuances and potential issues that you might encounter during your journey towards U.S. citizenship. We can also help you complete forms and prepare for your intensive citizenship interview.

Let Our Experienced Texas Naturalization Lawyers Guide You Through The Citizenship Process

Obtaining citizenship through naturalization can be a difficult process. The following factors can impact your ability to acquire citizenship:
Factors such as knowledge of English and Civics and possession of a good moral character can also affect your ability to obtain citizenship. In addition, you may be worried about other factors which could impede your pathway to citizenship, such as:

While factors such as these are certainly matters for concern, they do not automatically disqualify you from applying for citizenship, and you shouldn’t let them stop you from trying. With the advice and assistance of a skilled and experienced immigration lawyer, you may able to overcome any obstacles that could otherwise stand in your way.

In addition, if you live abroad you or your family members may also qualify for a Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA). This type of derivative citizenship can be complicated and may require that you apply with at an American Embassy or American Consulate, so make sure you have a skilled and experienced attorney to help you through the process. If your not sure if you qualify for CRBA or derivative citizenship through a grandparent, call us so we can help you determine your eligibility.

We Take A Hands-On Approach To Your Case

When you work with Lozano Law Firm, we do our best to guide you through these complicated issues and streamline your naturalization process. We value your goal of citizenship as much as you do. That’s why we take a hands-on approach and try to remain in close contact with all of our clients. If you’re looking both for a positive client experience and the guidance of an experienced citizenship and naturalization lawyer, contact us to request a consultation.

What If I Have Some Problems With My Citizenship Application?

Sometimes, our clients have issues with their citizenship applications. When you apply to become a naturalized citizen, you reopen your entire immigration file. Sometimes, unidentified issues result in deportation actions. Other times, the authorities discover that you have a minor criminal conviction or left the country for a period of time that disrupts your “continuous residency.” These issues won’t lead to your deportation. However, they can create significant problems and delays with your citizenship application.

If any of these circumstances arise, it’s in your best interest to immediately contact an experienced citizenship and immigration lawyer. A lawyer will review your situation and advise you of your rights and options. He may also be able to file a legal action on your behalf.

The U.S. immigration authorities sometimes make mistakes. If you’re having difficulties, don’t panic. You might be eligible for an appeal or a petition for review. For more information and a confidential and no-risk consultation, contact us today.

Request An Appointment With An Experienced Texas Citizenship & Naturalization Lawyer

U.S. citizenship offers privileges like voting and a passport. Naturalization lets foreign citizens become citizens by meeting criteria such as a civics test and good moral character. The U.S. Government, guided by the Constitution and INA, oversees citizenship processes through the USCIS. The agency reviews applications, conducts interviews and tests, and decides on approvals.

U.S. citizenship routes vary based on situations, such as U.S. nationals, refugees, or green card holders. The N-400 form is critical in this journey and requires accuracy and support documents. Skilled immigration lawyers at Lozano Law Firm aid in precise submissions, interview readiness, and USCIS interactions for a smoother citizenship path.

At Lozano Law Firm, we will help you prepare and file your Application for Naturalization. We can also help you prepare for your interview and citizenship test. If your application is denied, we can represent you through an appeal or a petition for review, and help you to reapply if eligible. For advice and counsel from a board-certified immigration lawyer in Texas, contact Lozano Law Firm in San Antonio, San Angelo, and Eagle Pass.

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