A TN Visa Lawyer Can Help You Work In The United States

The developments in modern business landscapes have allowed companies to globalize their reach and manpower easily. Over the years, progressive companies in the United States have learned to foster inclusivity and maintain a diverse workforce. Thanks to particular provisions of the U.S. business immigration laws, international workers can legally and professionally thrive in the country. The United States’ participation in international agreements in the past decades has facilitated the movement of talent across borders. An exemplary example is the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), an agreement signed with Canada and Mexico to promote trade and economic cooperation. You might qualify for a distinct Work Visa if you’re a Canadian or Mexican professional looking to work in the United States. Explore the nuances of the Trade NAFTA Visa and how it opens doors for qualified individuals. You’ll also gain insights into the role of a TN Visa lawyer in realizing your U.S. employment aspirations. Hire An Immigration Attorney To Guide You In Your Case And Help You Work In The United States

A TN Visa Lawyer Assists On Your U.S. Employment

A NAFTA immigration lawyer ensures a smooth and successful transition into U.S. employment for Canadian and Mexican professionals. With their top-notch skills and in-depth understanding of the regulations and U.S. immigration law, these legal professionals provide guidance tailored to your case.  These attorneys are trusted advisors who guide you every step of the way. They offer comprehensive support from the initial consultation to the final Visa approval. Identifying eligible categories and preparing meticulous documentation are among their strong suits. Plus, their experience enables them to strategize practical approaches to overcome potential challenges. Furthermore, these legal professionals advocate for their clients’ interests and ensure compliance with all relevant requirements. By partnering with a NAFTA Visa attorney, Canadian and Mexican professionals can confidently tackle the intricacies of U.S. employment immigration.

Work In The United States As NAFTA Professionals

The Trade NAFTA Visa is a nonimmigrant classification for Canadian and Mexican citizens wanting to pursue professional advancements in the United States. NAFTA covers over 60 skilled professions identified by the U.S. Government as requiring employees. It includes conditions such as citizens’ professional backgrounds and meeting specified eligibility criteria. 

Canadian Citizens

Canadian citizens typically qualify for entry as nonimmigrants without needing a Visa. These workers can establish eligibility for TN classification to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials at the port of entry. Admissions can also be performed at designated pre-clearance or pre-flight inspection stations.  The process is done by presenting the required documentation to the CBP officer, such as:
  • Proof of Canadian citizenship.
  • Valid job offer or letter from the prospective employer. This should indicate the applicant’s professional capacity, purpose of employment, length of stay, and educational qualifications.
  • Credentials evaluation. A relevant degree, certification, or licensure recognized in the United States for the profession in question is highly required.
The CBP officer can immediately accept or reject this request to enter the United States. If approved, the workers will be granted TN1 status, which indicates their Canadian citizenship. While technically not a TN status, TN1 permission adheres to TN Visa regulations. Alternatively, a prospective TN employer may file on behalf of a Canadian citizen outside the United States. This can be done by submitting Form I-129, Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker, to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Once USCIS approves Form I-129, the prospective worker may apply to CBP for admission to the United States as a TN nonimmigrant. This involves providing a CBP officer at specific designated U.S. ports of entry with proof of Canadian citizenship and approval notice from USCIS.

Mexican Citizens

The eligibility criteria for Mexican workers are comparable to those for Canadian workers. However, Mexican professionals must have a Visa stamp from a U.S. consulate or embassy in Mexico.  Unlike Canadian citizens, Mexicans must obtain a Visa to enter the United States as TN nonimmigrants. They need to secure a TN2 Visa from a U.S. embassy or consulate. In this extra step, they must participate in an interview and complete Form DS-160, Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application. It is important to note that the TN2 designation only denotes that the Visa holder is a Mexican citizen. Once approved for a TN2, the applicant can seek admission at specific CBP-designated U.S. ports of entry or a designated pre-clearance or pre-flight inspection station.  The required documents are similar to those of Canadian citizens. This includes proof of citizenship, a valid job offer or letter, and credentials for the specific profession they intend to work in the United States. If a CBP officer determines you are eligible for admission, you will be granted entry as a TN nonimmigrant. Moreover, the processing times vary depending on the application method. Some applicants may receive their Visa on the same day, while others might wait weeks or months. If applying at a port of entry, expect a wait of two weeks to three months. Standard USCIS processing takes six to eight months, while premium processing typically takes 45 days to three months. Despite the indefinite waiting period, the many benefits of acquiring a TN status will make any Canadian or Mexcian worker say, “It’s worth the wait.”

Advantages Of A TN Visa For NAFTA Professionals

The NAFTA Work Visa offers numerous advantages for qualified Canadian and Mexican professionals seeking employment opportunities in the United States. Highlighting the appeal and benefits of this Visa category can help professionals better understand the worth of having such a Visa.

Streamlined Process

Compared to other Work Visa categories, the TN Work Visa application process is often faster and more straightforward. You can obtain TN status relatively quickly with fewer procedural hurdles and less stringent requirements. The overall process facilitates expedited entry into the U.S. job market as it typically involves shorter wait times and streamlined processing procedures.

Occupational Mobility

You enjoy flexibility in your employment options. Moreover, working for for multiple employers simultaneously or switching jobs within your approved professional categories is possible. This occupational mobility allows you to pursue diverse opportunities, advance your career, and explore different industries without additional Visa sponsorship.

Family Accompaniment

Dependents of Treaty NAFTA Visa holders, including spouses and unmarried children under 21, can accompany the primary Visa holder to the United States. Family members are eligible for derivative Visas, such as TD status, granted to spouses and children under 21 of TN nonimmigrant Visa holders. They are not allowed to work while in the country but are permitted to study. 

Longer Validity Period & Renewability

Nonimmigrant workers with TN status are initially granted three years to live and work in the United States. It provides long-term employment opportunities for qualified professionals as it has the option for indefinite renewals. If you want to stay in the country beyond your initial period without leaving, you’ll need to request an extension of your stay. Your employer can file Form I-129 on your behalf. Learning about these benefits may have enhanced your desire to launch a career in the United States, especially when presented with a promising job offer. To ensure success in your immigration and business endeavors, there’s no better step than partnering with a skilled TN Work Visa attorney.

Seek The Guidance Of Lozano Law Firm

Partnering with Lozano Law Firm for your Visa application process offers numerous advantages and ensures a trouble-free immigration journey. Here’s how their experienced legal team can assist you: A Trusted Immigration Lawyer Will Help You Find Out If You Are Eligible For A TN Visa
  • Focus on the TN Visa Process. Their attorneys have extensive knowledge and experience in navigating the Work Visa application process for qualified professionals. They stay informed about recent immigration laws and regulations to offer precise and dependable guidance.
  • Personalized Assistance. They offer customized assistance tailored to your specific circumstances and professional goals. Whether you’re a Canadian or a Mexican citizen, they invest time in understanding your circumstances and tailor a strategy to enhance your likelihood of success.
  • Document Preparation and Review. Their legal team assists in preparing and reviewing all necessary documentation for your application. From employment letters to academic credentials and proof of qualifications, they ensure your application package is comprehensive and compliant with all the requirements.
  • Responsive Support. The law firm is committed to providing responsive and accessible support at every stage of the Visa filing process. They are available to answer your questions and provide updates on the status of your case, and offer guidance and reassurance throughout your immigration journey.
Lozano Law Firm is your dedicated advocate in the TN Visa application journey. You can be confident that they will advocate for your best interests and address any concerns or challenges that may arise. 


Through NAFTA, the TN work permit is a vital avenue for Canadian and Mexican professionals to work in the United States. Canadian workers applying for a NAFTA Work Visa have almost the same eligibility criteria as Mexican workers. Mexican professionals must only secure a TN2 Visa to proceed with the application. Navigating this aspect of business immigration becomes rewarding with the guidance of a TN Visa attorney from Lozano Law Firm. From assessing eligibility to securing Visa approval, their legal team remains dedicated to empowering clients and assisting them in joining the U.S. workforce.
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