Foreign Worker and Non-Immigrant Visas for Texas-Based Employers

Employment Visa Lawyer Foreign Worker VisasThe Lozano Law Firm, PLLC advises and assists employers of all sizes in San Antonio and San Angelo regarding sponsorship and employment of foreign nationals to help them meet their labor needs, from filling a niche position or specialty occupation to maintaining an adequate labor pool of qualified workers.

Our firm assists employers and employees alike in the process of obtaining non-immigrant visas to enter the U.S. on a temporary basis for the purpose of employment. We additionally assist in the permanent residence process and help companies and individuals with labor certifications, immigrant petitions, national interest waivers and applications to adjust to permanent resident status.

The U.S. economy is built on strong workers, many of whom are immigrants. Employment based immigration is one of the primary way that people come to the United States. If you are seeking a visa or need one for your employee, contact a knowledgeable immigration attorney right away. The Lozano Law Firm, PLLC has worked with countless people who need help with their employment based immigration. We can help individuals or businesses who have questions about the immigration process. Call us today.

What Is Employment Based Immigration?

Businesses who are seeking people with unique skills may utilize employment based visa to reach out to people outside of the country to come to the United States either temporarily or permanently for work. These visas are provided to people who have skills that are beneficial to the American economy.

Some of the specific types of visas that may be available under employment based immigration include the following:

  • EB-1a: Workers with extraordinary abilities.
  • EB-1b: Outstanding researchers and professors.
  • EB-2: Professionals with advanced degrees and expressed exceptional abilities.
  • EB-3: Skilled workers and professionals, as well as unskilled workers.
  • EB-4: Religious workers and other special categories of immigrants.
  • EB-5: Investors who are foreign and will come to America to create jobs.

If you are unsure about what type of employment based immigration visa you need, contact an immigration lawyer at The Lozano Law Firm, PLLC. We work with employers and potential employees who are seeking all types of visas. We will evaluate your specific situation and guide you through the process.


Employment Visa Lawyer Foreign Worker VisasWe help employers obtain employment-based immigrant visas for workers in all five EB categories, as well as a variety of non-immigrant visas, including L visas for transfers within the company, O visas for workers or extraordinary ability, and TN (NAFTA) visas for Mexican professional workers. If you are trying to fill a particular niche, we can help you obtain an H-1B visa to recruit and hire foreign professionals in specialty occupations.

There are protections for U.S. workers built into the employment based immigration process. Businesses must seek American candidates before sponsoring a foreign worker. They must certify that there are no workers in the U.S. who are able, qualified, and willing to do the work or specific position being offered. The foreign worker seeking employment based immigration must have skills and abilities that are unique.

Additionally, a business that employ foreign nationals who have visas is subject to reporting requirements and audits. It’s best to consult with an attorney when working with immigrants. The Lozano Law Firm, PLLC can help employers apply for and sponsor potential employees.

Temporary Employees

We also help with H-2A agricultural visas and H-2B visas for seasonal/temporary workers to help employers in the farming and agriculture industries meet their needs year-round. These visas are limited and are time sensitive. They require an initial application through the Department of Labor. An American Embassy abroad must then issue a visa. H-4 visas may also be available for the immediate family of all H visa holders.

People who enter the United States on a nonimmigrant employment based visa may stay for a definite amount of time. They must show evidence of intent that they will return to their countries. If the U.S. suspects that a person with a temporary visa will remain in the States after their visa expires, they may deny that person entry into the country.

Work visas can only be used for the specific employer that originally sponsored the visa. Many students obtain employment based immigration visas to complete training or internships. Researchers and professors in international exchange programs may also be issued a temporary employment visa.

The temporary visa process often requires more than two screenings before the U.S. issues a person a visa and allows them into the country. The process can be complex. The Lozano Law Firm, PLLC can help you review your records and prepare for interaction with government agencies.

Permanent Employees

U.S. immigration policy favors bringing in foreign workers when an employer has a job position open with no qualified candidate from the pool of domestic workers. If you are entertaining job offers and have a bachelor’s degree or necessary work experience, or if you are an investor or religious worker, we can help you obtain the right visa that is appropriate for your particular needs. If you are seeking a future in the aerospace, medical or other technical industry, we can help you advance your education and job skills training in America with F and J visas. You may also be able to obtain a waiver of the two-year home residency requirement.

There are five types of immigrant visas for business purposes, ranked by priority of need for employers in the U.S. They are all limited in number, and only a certain number of them are provided to workers each year. It’s important to apply for these right when you suspect you may need one. This is so that you can get on a list or obtain one as the U.S. government releases it.

Permanent employment based immigration results in a green card and permanent residency. This gives workers the right to live and work in the United States indefinitely. However, these workers must ensure they do not violate laws that would result in deportation.

Employment based immigration that is permanent typically begins with sponsorship; however, a person may also self-petition to obtain a visa. A person must meet specific criteria. They must show that they have “extraordinary ability” or special work abilities and skills that would benefit the “national interest.”

Secure a Foreign Worker With the Help of an Employment Visa Lawyer

The process for securing a foreign worker may seem lengthy and complex. But when you have labor needs or desire to recruit a particular type of individual, time is of the essence. Let an experienced San Antonio immigration lawyer help you through the process efficiently and successfully. Contact The Lozano Law Firm, PLLC for assistance.