A Guide To Investing Smart With An EB-5 Visa Attorney

An EB-5 Visa Attorney is your biggest ally in expanding your business in the United States. They provide a roadmap for understanding your options and complying with eligibility requirements. They can help you apply for a lawful permanent residency (LPR) through a substantial investment. Discover how working together with an EB-5 Visa attorney ensures you make informed decisions when strategically investing in the United States. See how an attorney’s skills become pivotal in facilitating a seamless transition into the American business environment and society. Expand Your Business With An EB-5 Visa Attorney By Your Side

Navigate The Program With An EB-5 Visa Attorney

Hiring an EB-5 Visa attorney helps you navigate the intricacies of the EB-5 Visa. Congress created the Immigrant Investor Visa Program or Regional Center Program to stimulate the U.S. economy. It promotes job creation and capital investment by foreign investors.  Participants support economic growth by investing in commercial enterprises approved by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). This type of visa allows you to create a new life in the country with your spouse and unmarried children under 21. Learn more about what you need to do to be eligible for this type of visa.

Job Creation Requirements

In pursuing the EB-5 Visa with an EB-5 Visa attorney, you must meet specific job creation criteria outlined by the USCIS. Per the official guidelines, your investment must produce at least ten full-time jobs for qualifying U.S. workers. Full-time employment means a minimum of 35 working hours per week.  Moreover, two or more part-time employees meeting the working hours requirement can share one full-time position under a job-sharing arrangement. This provision excludes combinations of part-time positions, even meeting the total weekly hours.  In addition to job creation, you must also consider the requirement for capital investment. There are two options: investing in a new enterprise or a targeted employment area (TEA) with less capitalization.

Capital Investment Requirements

To qualify, you must invest substantially in a new commercial enterprise. USCIS outlines the minimum investment threshold as $1.8 million for a standard investment to account for inflation. Meanwhile, you must invest $900,000 for a targeted employment area (TEA). This area has high unemployment or is a rural region.  To fully understand the capital investment requirements, a competent and experienced immigration attorney can advise and guide you. They can help you file for an investor immigrant visa and start a business wisely in the United States. 

File Your EB-5 Immigrant Visa Correctly

Securing an EB-5 Visa through strategic investing marks a significant step towards realizing your American dream. Filing for an EB-5 Visa involves a meticulous process and a thorough understanding of the requirements set forth by the USCIS. The filing process encompasses various steps.

Step 1: Initiate The Petition

Initiate the immigration process by filing either Form I-526 or the Immigrant Petition by Standalone Investor. You can also use Form I-526E, the Immigrant Petition by Regional Center Investor. You file these documents to demonstrate your program eligibility. These require detailed information about the investment, the business project, and your financial standing. 

Step 2: File The Necessary Documents

Achieving your goal of getting a Green Card in the United States can be pursued through two avenues: adjustment of status and consular processing. In both pathways, the critical step involves submitting the requisite documents to initiate the process.

Adjustment Of Status

This method applies to individuals already in the United States. You must file Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status. This comprehensive form covers various aspects, including biographic information, details about your eligibility category, and information about your immigration history.

Consular Processing

If you are outside the United States, upon approval of your I-526 petition, the USCIS transfers your case to the National Visa Center (NVC). Subsequently, the NVC will issue a notice confirming your eligibility for consular processing. You must complete and submit Form DS-260 to a U.S. embassy or consulate. Form DS-260 is specific to consular processing and requires detailed information about your background, eligibility category, and the purpose of immigration. In both instances, submitting the correct form is crucial in pursuing your objective of acquiring U.S. residency. Upon approval of your application, you will attain conditional permanent resident status.

Step 3: Conditional Permanent Residence Period

Once your application is approved, you and your derivative family members gain conditional permanent residence, valid for two years. This temporary status allows you to reside and work in the United States, paving the way for the subsequent removal of conditions process to attain permanent residency.

Step 4: Remove Conditions

To remove the conditional permanent status, you must file Form I-829 or Petition by Investor to Remove Conditions on Permanent Resident Status. You must submit the form within 90 days before the second anniversary of obtaining the temporary residence previously granted by the USCIS. 

Step 5: Approval & Permanent Resident Status

If the USCIS approves Form I-829, conditions are removed from lawful permanent resident status for the investor and any dependents included. With these, you gain unrestricted rights to reside, work, and pursue your endeavors in the United States as full-fledged permanent residents. Professional guidance can increase the efficiency and success of your application. A visa lawyer’s knowledge is instrumental in strategizing your investment to achieve your business goal in the United States. 

Strategize Your U.S. Investment

Your investment is pivotal in maximizing success and minimizing risks. You need to adopt a thoughtful and well-informed approach, considering various factors that contribute to the overall success of your investment. Here are some critical considerations for you as an investor: 
  • Understand The Risks And Have Due Diligence. Take the time to understand the risks associated with your investment. It includes evaluating market conditions, potential fluctuations, and the specific risks related to the chosen project or enterprise. It also helps to investigate the regional center’s track record or project you are considering. 
  • Consider Your Objectives. Define your investment objectives clearly. Whether job creation, capital appreciation, or fulfilling specific immigration requirements, your strategy must achieve the goal of permanent residence and business growth.
  • Legal And Regulatory Compliance. Ensure your investment meets all legal and regulatory requirements. This includes compliance with USCIS guidelines for the EB-5 program and any other relevant laws governing your investment.
  • Diversification. Spread your investment across different projects or industries to mitigate risks. Diversification can enhance the stability of your investment portfolio and protect against potential downturns in any specific sector.
  • Understand Costs And Fees (Be Informed). The investment landscape evolves, and staying informed is critical to making proactive decisions. Be clear on all associated costs and fees, from the initial investment to ongoing expenses. 
Developing investment strategies entails having a clear roadmap for your business’s direction. To actualize these plans, it is crucial to enlist the services of a visa lawyer. Consult with them during the planning stage so they can guide you from the start of the process. 

Hire Lozano Law Firm For Legal Guidance

An EB-5 Visa attorney at Lozano Law Firm is a vital ally in guiding investors through the intricate legal landscape of the program. Their pivotal role includes interpreting complex USCIS regulations and thoroughly addressing every legal nuance. This meticulous approach aids in meeting all legal requirements. It also offers investors a sense of assurance and peace of mind, aligning to facilitate smart and secure investment decisions. For investors, having such an ally provides various benefits.

Navigate Legal ComplexitiesSecure Your Business Future With An EB-5 Visa Attorney

A visa attorney is crucial in guiding investors through the program’s intricacies. Their skills involve deciphering and interpreting complex USCIS regulations, ensuring meticulous adherence to all legal requirements.  The team actively prepares and files essential documents. This involvement ensures that investors’ applications align seamlessly with the stringent criteria set by the program. They help you fill out all paperwork correctly and completely.

Protect Your Interests As An Investor

EB-5 Visa attorneys go beyond the legal requirements to ensure that your path to immigration remains as smooth as possible. This dedicated support throughout the process aligns with the overarching goal of intelligent investing. It makes your interests a top priority in every step of the EB-5 Visa journey. The team ensures their commitment aligns with your U.S. investment strategy. Creating such tactics demands wise decisions and dedication from you and your lawyer. With all these considerations, you must stay informed about the evolving investment landscape and regulatory changes.  Lozano Law Firm can help you make your business and immigration goals a reality. Your journey to a secure investment starts with the proper guidance. It has a proven track record, so you can have peace of mind knowing you are in good hands.


The EB-5 Visa program is a U.S. immigration pathway for investors by making job-creating investments. As you aspire to grow your business in the country, you must understand the job and capital investment requirements. With these, hiring a visa attorney is vital as they can navigate the program’s intricacies and this visa type. EB-5 Visa attorneys at Lozano Law Firm protect investor interests, offering dedicated support for a smooth immigration journey. They help you with their strategic investment approach, such as considering risks, exercising due diligence, and legal compliance.
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