Biden’s Parole In Place Directive Will Help Thousands Of Immigrant Families

President Biden’s Announcement: A Step Towards Unity For Immigrant Families

On June 18, 2024, President Joe Biden unveiled a pivotal policy designed to offer “Parole in Place” (PIP) for undocumented spouses of U.S. citizens. This directive marks a monumental step in providing stability and unity to thousands of immigrant families residing within the United States. The policy, as elaborated in a statement by the Department of Homeland Security, aims to halt the deportation of spouses of U.S. citizens, permitting them to apply for work permits and, in time, adjust their status to lawful permanent residents.

Learn More About Biden's Parole In Place And How You Can Benefit

What Is Parole In Place (PIP)?

Parole in Place is a discretionary relief mechanism extended by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to undocumented individuals with close family ties to U.S. military members or veterans. This relief permits these individuals to remain in the United States without the looming threat of deportation and to apply for a green card without needing to leave the country. Under President Biden’s new directive, this policy’s scope now includes spouses of U.S. citizens, thus allowing them to stay in the United States while they work on adjusting their immigration status.

Advantages For Spouses Of U.S. Citizens

The extension of Biden’s Parole in Place to spouses of U.S. citizens brings forth numerous benefits:

  • Legal Stay: Eligible individuals are granted the legal right to remain in the United States while their application processes.
  • Work Authorization: They are permitted to apply for work permits, enabling them to financially support their families.
  • Path To Permanent Residency: The process of obtaining a green card is facilitated without necessitating their departure from the country.

Long-Term Implications For Families

This policy serves a dual purpose by not only preventing family separations but also fostering economic stability and social integration for immigrant families. By allowing spouses to work legally, it significantly enhances their ability to contribute economically to their families and local communities. Furthermore, it provides immense emotional and psychological relief to families who have lived under the constant fear of deportation, knowing they can now secure a more stable and predictable future.

President Biden’s announcement is a transformative step towards addressing the complexities faced by immigrant families. The extension of Parole in Place to the spouses of U.S. citizens underscores the administration’s commitment to humane immigration policies that recognize the importance of family unity and economic contribution. By implementing this policy, the government acknowledges the integral role these families play in the fabric of American society and provides them with a tangible path toward stability and integration.

Board-Certified Lawyer For Immigration: Alfredo Lozano Of Lozano Law Firm

As a first-generation American, Alfredo Lozano, a board-certified immigration lawyer, and founder of Lozano Law Firm, has a deep connection with the immigrant community in the United States. At Lozano Law Firm, we serve the communities of San Antonio, Eagle Pass, Laredo and San Angelo in Texas, with professional legal representation, using our skill and knowledge to create immigration solutions for individuals, families, and corporations.

When dealing with complex immigration policies like Parole in Place, it is crucial to seek expert legal assistance. As attorneys specializing in immigration and nationality law, you can feel confident that we have extensive experience in handling PIP cases. Our expertise ensures that clients receive the best possible representation and guidance throughout the application process. With a proven track record of successful cases, Lozano Law Firm is well-equipped to navigate the intricacies of immigration law. To schedule your first case consultation, call us today at (210) 899-2290.

Eligibility Criteria For Parole In Place

Who Is Eligible?

To qualify for Parole in Place (PIP) under the new directive issued by President Biden’s administration, applicants must meet specific criteria. Firstly, the applicant must be the spouse of a U.S. citizen. This relationship is fundamental and must be clearly established through official documentation. Additionally, the applicant must have entered the United States without inspection, indicating that they did not go through the formal admission process at a port of entry. Lastly, the applicant must not have a serious criminal record. Any history of significant criminal activity will disqualify the applicant from eligibility under this provision.

Required Documentation & Forms

Applicants seeking Parole in Place must submit a series of forms and supporting documents. The primary form required is Form I-131, Application for Travel Document. This form initiates the application process. In addition, proof of marriage to a U.S. citizen is required, such as a marriage certificate. Evidence of the spouse’s U.S. citizenship must also be provided, which can include a birth certificate or naturalization certificate. Furthermore, applicants must submit proof of any previous entries and exits from the U.S., detailing their immigration history. A detailed personal statement is also necessary, explaining the circumstances of their entry into the U.S. and their current situation. This statement should be thorough and provide a clear narrative of the applicant’s journey and reasons for seeking PIP.

Evidence & Supporting Documents

Providing comprehensive and accurate supporting documents is crucial to strengthening the PIP application. Applicants are encouraged to include affidavits from family members, community leaders, or employers. These affidavits should attest to the applicant’s character and their ties to the community. Additional evidence that can be submitted includes documentation demonstrating the applicant’s good moral character and their integration into the community. Such evidence may encompass employment records, letters of support, and any other pertinent information that showcases the applicant’s positive contributions and stable life in the U.S.

Benefits Of PIP Provision

Benefits For Families

The Parole in Place provision offers significant benefits to families, serving as a crucial mechanism to prevent family separation. By allowing spouses to remain in the U.S., PIP helps keep families united, which is vital for the emotional and social well-being of all members involved. Moreover, the ability to work legally under PIP contributes to the economic stability of the family. Legal employment opportunities enable families to achieve financial security and support themselves effectively. Additionally, the reduction in the fear of deportation that comes with PIP alleviates stress and anxiety, promoting the overall emotional well-being of the family unit.

Prevention Of Consequences

Without PIP, many families face the devastating consequences of separation and financial hardship. The psychological impact of living in constant fear of deportation can be severe, affecting both the individual and their family members. PIP mitigates these risks by providing a legal avenue for spouses to remain in the U.S. while their status is adjusted. This legal provision is essential in fostering a sense of security and stability, enabling families to thrive without the looming threat of separation or economic uncertainty.

Timeline Of The Process

While going through the application process, it’s essential to set realistic expectations regarding the timeline for response and review by the USCIS. The application review process might take several months to complete and, in some cases, even longer.

Having an experienced immigration attorney during this process is very important. They can also guide you with the timelines and help you stay informed about the progress of your application.

Your lawyer can provide insights on effectively dealing with delays or issues, helping you address any challenges throughout the process. They can also help you determine other evidence and supporting documents for your application.

How An Attorney Can Increase The Odds Of A Successful Application

Biden's Parole In Place Can Significantly Impact Your Life And Your Family's Life In The U.S. With A Texas Immigration Lawyer

Hiring an experienced immigration attorney like Alfredo Lozano can significantly increase the chances of a successful application. An attorney can:

  • Ensure all forms are accurately completed and submitted on time.
  • Help gather and organize supporting documents.
  • Prepare clients for potential interviews.
  • Provide ongoing legal support and representation throughout the process.

How Can Spouses Of U.S. Citizens Obtain PIP?

Steps & Documentation

To apply for Parole in Place, spouses of U.S. citizens should follow these steps:

  1. Consult An Immigration Lawyer: Seek legal advice to determine eligibility and prepare the application. Consulting with a knowledgeable immigration lawyer is crucial as they can provide personalized advice tailored to your specific situation. The lawyer will review your case, explain the eligibility criteria for Parole in Place, and guide you through the entire process. This initial consultation helps identify any potential issues that may arise and ensures that you have a clear understanding of the steps involved. A lawyer can also help you avoid common pitfalls and mistakes that could delay or jeopardize your application.
  2. Gather The Required Documents: Collect all necessary documents to support the application. This step involves gathering a comprehensive set of documents that demonstrate your eligibility and support the information in your application. Essential documents typically include birth certificates, marriage certificates, proof of U.S. citizenship of the spouse, and any other relevant legal documents. You may also need to provide evidence of your relationship, such as photos, communication records, and affidavits from friends or family members. Ensuring all documents are up-to-date, accurate, and complete is critical to avoid delays or rejections. Proper documentation serves as the foundation of your application, verifying the details you provide and strengthening your case.
  3. Complete Form I-131: Fill out “Form I-131, Application for Travel Document” accurately and submit it along with all required documents. This form, must be filled out with precision, as any errors or omissions can result in delays or denial of the application. The form requires detailed information about the applicant, the U.S. citizen spouse, and the nature of the request for Parole in Place. Additionally, attaching the necessary supporting documents is crucial for the form’s acceptance. An immigration lawyer can assist in reviewing the form to ensure accuracy and completeness before submission.
  4. Attend Biometrics Appointment: Once the application is submitted, USCIS will schedule a biometrics appointment for the applicant. This appointment is mandatory and involves capturing fingerprints, photographs, and other biometric data. The purpose of the biometrics appointment is to verify the applicant’s identity and conduct background checks. It is important to attend the appointment on the scheduled date and bring all required documents, including the appointment notice and a valid photo ID. Failure to attend the biometrics appointment or provide the necessary information can result in delays or complications in the application process.
  5. Wait For Decision: After completing the biometrics appointment, the application enters the review stage. USCIS will thoroughly examine the application and supporting documents to determine eligibility for Parole in Place. This review process can take several months, depending on the complexity of the case and the workload of USCIS. During this period, it is important to monitor the status of the application and respond promptly to any requests for additional information or documentation from USCIS. An immigration lawyer can provide updates on the application’s progress and assist in addressing any issues that may arise during the review process.

Overcoming Obstacles With Legal Assistance

Legal representation is vital for navigating any potential obstacles during the application process. These can include incomplete applications, missing documents, or issues during the biometrics or interview stages. An attorney can provide precise guidance, ensuring every aspect of the application is handled correctly and minimizing the likelihood of delays or denials.

Can You Work Legally In the United States If You Obtain PIP?

Work Authorization

Yes, individuals who receive Parole in Place are eligible to apply for work authorization in the United States. The process involves the following steps:

  • Submit Form I-765: Complete and submit Form I-765, the Application for Employment Authorization. This form requires detailed personal information, including the basis for eligibility, which in this case is Parole in Place. Ensuring that all information is accurate and consistent with the Parole in Place application is crucial. The form must be submitted along with supporting documents that verify the individual’s status and eligibility to work in the United States.
  • Include Supporting Documents: When submitting Form I-765, it is essential to include a copy of the parole document received from USCIS, which confirms the grant of Parole in Place. Additionally, proof of identity, such as a passport or national ID card, must be provided. Other relevant documents may include evidence of the relationship to the U.S. citizen spouse and any other documentation that supports the application for employment authorization. Properly organizing and submitting these documents helps ensure the application is processed smoothly.
  • Pay Phe Required Fee: There is a fee associated with filing Form I-765, which must be paid at the time of submission. Applicants should check the current fee amount on the USCIS website and ensure they include the correct payment. If the applicant is unable to pay the fee, they may request a fee waiver by submitting Form I-912, Request for Fee Waiver, along with the I-765 application. The fee waiver request must include evidence of the applicant’s inability to pay, such as proof of low income or financial hardship.

By following these steps, individuals with Parole in Place can legally seek employment in the United States, enhancing their ability to support themselves and their families. Legal assistance ensures compliance with all requirements and maximizes the chances of obtaining work authorization without unnecessary complications.

Documentation Needed & Process

The process for obtaining work authorization includes:

  •         Filing Form I-765: Applicants must accurately complete and submit Form I-765, ensuring that all necessary documentation is included with the submission. It is crucial to double-check that all required information is provided to avoid any delays in processing.
  •         Processing Time: Upon submission, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will begin processing the application. This processing period can extend over several months, during which the applicant should regularly check the status of their application and be prepared to provide any additional information or documentation if requested by USCIS.
  •         Receipt Of Employment Authorization Document (EAD): Once the application is approved, the applicant will receive an Employment Authorization Document (EAD). This document is essential as it legally authorizes the individual to work in the United States. The EAD must be kept secure and presented to employers as proof of work authorization.


Get To Know The Eligibility Criteria For Biden's Parole In Place And Hire The Legal Services Of Alfredo Lozano At Lozano Law Firm

President Biden’s recent policy announcement concerning Parole in Place for spouses of U.S. citizens represents a significant development in immigration policy. This initiative is designed to help unite immigrant families by offering them greater stability and support. The policy provides several substantial benefits, including:

  • Legal Stay: Spouses of U.S. citizens who qualify for Parole in Place are granted legal permission to stay in the country. This legal status is pivotal for ensuring that families can remain together without the threat of separation due to immigration enforcement actions.
  • Work Authorization: Eligible individuals will be able to obtain work authorization, allowing them to seek employment and support their families financially. This authorization is crucial for integrating into the community and contributing economically.
  • Path To Permanent Residency: Parole in Place offers a clearer route to obtaining permanent residency, which can eventually lead to U.S. citizenship. This path provides long-term security and stability for immigrant families, enabling them to plan for their future with confidence.

Given the complexities inherent in immigration processes, it is highly recommended to seek the expertise of a qualified immigration attorney. Alfredo Lozano, a board certified immigration attorney, offers valuable guidance and comprehensive support through every stage of the process.

If you or someone you know meets the eligibility criteria for Parole in Place, it is important to take prompt action. The Lozano Law Firm stands ready to provide the professional legal assistance necessary to navigate this intricate process. With an in-depth understanding of immigration law and a dedicated commitment to helping clients achieve their immigration goals, Alfredo Lozano and his team are well-equipped to assist you.

Contact the Lozano Law Firm today to ensure that you receive the knowledgeable and reliable support needed to successfully obtain work authorization and secure your family’s future in the United States.

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