Texas Transportation Museum Showcases Different Transports

The Texas Transportation Museum is at 11731 Wetmore Rd, San Antonio, TX 78247. It is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in the history of transportation. This museum lies on 40 acres of land and features a wide range of exhibits and artifacts that showcase the transportation evolution in Texas.

The Founding Of The Texas Transportation Museum

The museum was founded in 1964 by a group of transportation enthusiasts who wanted to preserve the history of transportation in Texas. The collection of exhibits has grown over the years. It now includes over 50 locomotives, dozens of vintage cars, and trucks. Also, there is an impressive collection of aircraft, including a World War II-era fighter plane.

Highlights Vintage Texas Transportation 

One of the most popular exhibits at the Texas Transportation Museum is the vintage train rides. Visitors can ride on a vintage locomotive around the museum’s property, experiencing sights, sounds, and smells of a bygone era. The train ride is an excellent opportunity to learn about the history of rail travel in Texas. It includes seeing up close some impressive steam engines that helped build the state.

The museum’s collection of vintage cars and trucks is also a highlight for many visitors. From Model T Fords to classic Cadillacs, the collection covers a wide range of vehicles that helped shape the history of transportation in Texas. The museum also features a variety of military vehicles, including tanks and jeeps used in various conflicts over the years.

The Texas Transportation Museum offers an impressive collection of aircraft for aviation enthusiasts. It includes a fully-restored B-25 Mitchell bomber, a rare Messerschmitt Bf 109 fighter, and a Vietnam-era Huey helicopter. The museum also has a collection of vintage planes and helicopters that visitors can see up close and learn about the history of aviation in Texas.

Offers Special Events & Educational Programs

The Texas Transportation Museum also offers a variety of events and educational programs throughout the year. These events range from train rides and car shows to educational programs for children and adults. The museum also offers guided tours for groups and field trips for students. It became a popular destination for educators and students alike.

Preserves History Of Texas Transportation

One of the unique aspects of the Texas Transportation Museum is the preservation of the history of transportation in Texas. A team of dedicated and tireless volunteers works together to restore and maintain the exhibits. They ensure that they are in top condition for future generations to enjoy. 

This dedication to preserving history has made the Texas Transportation Museum a popular destination for historians and transportation enthusiasts worldwide.


Overall, the Texas Transportation Museum is an excellent destination for anyone interested in transportation history. The exhibits and artifacts showcase the evolution of transportation in Texas. Visitors can learn about the state’s rich history and the crucial role transportation has played in shaping it. Whether you’re a fan of vintage cars, trains, planes, or trucks, the Texas Transportation Museum has something for everyone to enjoy.

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