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The Immigration Tip of The Month for February has to do with goals and progress and not allowing fear to stop us. When was he last time you did a reality check and took a moment to look at your life. Look at the day-to-day actions you take. Look at who you surround yourself with. Look at goals you have accomplished. Look at the goals you have achieved and more importantly, the goals you value. When we meet with a potential immigration client, it is very important that he or she has goals and wants to achieve those goals.

Consider These Immigration Tips Of The Month If You Live In The U.S.

One Of The Tips We Want To Focus On Today Has To Do With Progress. Progress In Creating A Better Life.

If you ever catch yourself thinking about or maybe complaining about how you don’t progress, how you don’t advance. Then it is time to think about not just your goals, but how to measure and keep track of those goals.

In this photo, you will see a boy and his puppy. Both the boy and his pup are growing. Everyday they are literally growing taller and getting bigger. His doctor and loving parents keep a record that shows exactly how much he has grown year after year. His pup is also growing and the boy is also tracking his dog’s growth! It is so important that we keep track of weight and height of our young ones–it is a goal to grow in these areas and therefore, we measure them.

My Question To You Is One That I Often Ask Myself.

How are you keeping tack of your goals in life. How are you growing your money or happiness? What about your immigration status progress? If changing your status will improve your life, are you moving forward and tracking your progress?

Before you know it, the cycle of life changes and it becomes harder to see the importance of growth. Like a child becomes an adult that does not care to track height or weight anymore and is just surviving, so do our goals. If we do not keep them at the forefront of our priorities, they too will be forgotten and one day you wake up to realize, they were consumed by time, procrastination or other excuses that life convinces us are more important.

Immigration Tip. Don’t Live In Fear.

Take A Step In Your Goals Everyday & Make Them Important.

We are proud to share in the image below one of our clients who is taking positive steps in her life despite the unknown. Her name is Maria Rocha. She is a Dreamer, Teacher and Student. Read her story featured on NPR here.


daca and teacher in classroom

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