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Immigration is how we have helped improved many lives, but we also want to see if we can improve your life in other ways. With the new VIP Community Program at The Lozano Law Firm, we help you by sharing your business with our community or by helping you find a service provider or business you might be in the need for.

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If You Are An Immigrant In The U.S., Read More About How To Do Your Taxes Legally

If you have an immigration issue and want to start a process or currently in the process of changing or adjusting your legal status, you will most likely have to work on preparing your taxes or organize tax paperwork at some point.

One way to file taxes even if you do not have a social security number is through an ITIN. Below is information from that helps outline what an ITIN is. Whether you have an employment-based or family immigration case, you need to have your taxes organized.

What Is An ITIN?

ITIN stands for Individual Taxpayer Identification Number. First introduced in 1996, an ITIN is a United States tax processing number issued by the Internal Revenue Service. A tax ID number consists of nine digits beginning with the number 9 and generally has a range of 70 to 99 (excluding 89 and 93) in the fourth and fifth digit. Example: 9XX-70-XXXX or 9XX-99-XXXX.

What Is An ITIN Used For?

The IRS issues ITINs to help individuals comply with the U.S. tax laws, and to provide a means to efficiently process and account for tax returns and payments for those not eligible for Social Security Numbers (SSNs). ITINs are used for federal tax reporting purposes only. An ITIN does not serve as valid identification outside of the tax system, therefore it does not authorize work in the U.S. or provide eligibility for Social Security benefits or the Earned Income Tax Credit.

Who Needs An ITIN?

If you meet one of the following situations below, you will need an ITIN to file your federal income tax return:

  • Foreign nationals and others who have federal tax reporting or filing requirements and DO NOT qualify for SSNs
  • A non-resident alien individual not eligible for a SSN who is required to file a U.S. tax return only to claim a refund of tax under the provisions of a U.S. tax treaty needs an ITIN
  • A nonresident alien required to file a U.S. tax return
  • A U.S. resident alien (based on days present in the United States) filing a U.S. tax return
  • A dependent or spouse of a U.S. citizen/resident alien
  • A dependent or spouse of a nonresident alien visa holder

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