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Family Immigration and Business Immigration work keeps us very busy all year long. But during our annual Christmas festivity, we take time away from the office to have some fun and relax. This year however, the entire team was not able to physically be at the gathering. Three of our team members from Mexico and one from San Antonio were missing. Though their lack of presence made us sad, we decided to make the best of the situation. We found a way to include them into our event. The process of figuring out a way to include our remote coworkers reminded us about the families that we help at The Lozano Law Firm who are not able to celebrate the Holidays with their loved ones due to their family immigration status.

So, we thought we would share a few of the tips that helped us stay connected to our team and hope you they can help you:

Use Technology

Facetime is available now with a variety of mobile devices, apps and even social media platforms such as Facebook. Bringing in a family member virtually can really make everyone feel close again and make the wait of the family immigration a bit more bearable. If possible, assign a chair or space to that person to make the experience extra special. We used a chair to represent each member that was not there and included them in our gift exchange and games. It was great to see their gifts on the chairs which will be given to them in person later.


Synchronize Your Traditions

If you celebrate with a tradition such as making cookies or tamales on Christmas day, keep the tradition alive by continuing your activity even when apart. Knowing that you and your family member is withholding the tradition at the same time can be a nice way to create a memory.

Create New Memories

If your current family immigration process is taking longer than expected, the holidays can be a downer for some. Propose a way for you and your family member to try something new this year. Maybe you can watch a funny movie, go out with friends or even volunteer. If you try something new, you can distract yourself from the Holiday blues in a positive way. Afterwards, you and your family can share what you did with one another.

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