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Are you a U.S. employer looking to expand your workforce? You might find today’s labor market lacking if you seek to fill specific and unique positions. In such cases, hiring foreign workers may be necessary to fulfill your business goals. In addition to competitive wages, you can offer permanent residency as part of the job offer.

If you intend to recruit foreign nationals, you may have to go through an aspect of the employment-based immigration process called Program Electronic Review Management (PERM). This route starts with filing Form ETA 9141, a crucial step that kicks off certain employment-based immigrant Visa categories such as EB-2 and EB-3.

Navigating this immigration route can be daunting and confusing. However, having a Work Visa attorney guide you through its intricacies can help you better understand the process.

A Work Visa Attorney Is Your Necessary Legal Guide To Starting Your Working Life In The U.S.

How Can A Work Visa Attorney Help You?

U.S. employers must obtain a PERM labor certification from the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) as part of the employment-based immigration process. It sets the stage for employers who wish to sponsor foreign workers for permanent residency through some business immigration Visa categories like EB-2 and EB-3 Visas.

If you are an employer looking to sponsor a foreign worker, you must demonstrate important labor requirements to the DOL. These include the fact that no qualified U.S. workers are available and willing to occupy the position offered to the foreign worker. This step ensures the country’s job market is secure and will not negatively affect the residents’ wages and working conditions.

Partnering with a Visa attorney during the PERM process is essential when dealing with the nuances of business immigration procedures. Visa lawyers possess knowledge and skills in immigration law, particularly regarding employment-based Visa applications. They can offer critical guidance and support throughout the procedure, from initial application to final approval.

With a profound knowledge of the legal requirements, Visa attorneys can assist you in avoiding common pitfalls and ensuring compliance with all necessary regulations. If you’re looking to recruit foreign nationals in your workforce, it’s essential to know how to kick-start the whole process.

How Is ETA 9141 The First Important Step In The PERM Process?

Like the opening move in a chess game, this Form ETA-9141 marks the start of a careful sequence of actions in employment-based immigration. It is also known as the Application for Prevailing Wage Determination.

Getting this first step right can mean the difference between checkmate and victory. Its role as the initial step impacts many aspects of the recruitment process.

Primarily, the ETA-9141 establishes the prevailing wage for a specific job within a designated area. Obtaining a Prevailing Wage Determination (PWD) before the hiring process allows you to accurately advertise the job opportunity and attract potential candidates.

The form also safeguards against the exploitation of foreign labor by setting a standard minimum wage requirement. This wage rate ensures that foreign workers are compensated fairly and are not paid below the rate for similar positions held by U.S. workers. Successfully completing this step sets you off on the right foot for the entire recruitment process.

How To Secure A Green Card Via Employment Visa?

Recruiting foreign talent begins by applying for PWD, leading to a meticulous series of steps. Every move must be navigated with precision for a favorable outcome.

File Form ETA-9141

You must submit a request for a PWD to the DOL’s National Prevailing Wage Center (NPWC) through Form ETA-9141. The determined PWD helps ensure that the rate offered to the foreign worker reaches or surpasses the prevailing wage for the position and location.

After obtaining the PWD, you must incorporate this detail into the job postings, advertisements, and recruitment efforts to test the U.S. labor market. You must offer the accepted compensation standard to both U.S. workers and foreign workers applying for the position. What if qualified U.S. workers express interest and are available at the prevailing wage rate? In this case, you must prioritize hiring them over sponsoring a foreign worker.

PERM Application

If you can’t find a qualified U.S. resident for the job, you can start the PERM application by submitting ETA-9089 or Permanent Labor Certification to DOL. This form is the actual labor certification document where you list the job duties, educational requirements, experience qualifications, and prevailing wage information.

Review & Certification

After submitting ETA-9089, the DOL carefully reviews the application. It verifies whether there are no qualified, available, and willing U.S. workers for the job. If they determine that the application meets all requirements, it will issue a labor certification and allow you to proceed with the next steps.

Immigrant Visa Petition

After receiving PERM certification, you must file an immigrant Visa petition with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) in place of the foreign worker. Form I-140, the Immigrant Petition for Alien Workers, establishes the foreign worker’s eligibility for an employment-based immigrant Visa.

The USCIS reviews the petition to verify that the foreign worker satisfies the qualifications for the job position and that the employer’s sponsorship is legitimate.

Adjustment Of Status Or Consular Processing

Once USCIS approves the Form I-140 petition, the foreign worker may proceed with either adjustment of status or consular processing to obtain a Green Card. The decision between adjustment of status and consular processing depends on various factors, including the foreign worker’s current immigration status and preference.

Upon approval of the permanent residency application, the foreign worker becomes a lawful permanent resident of the United States. Throughout this complex process, application for PWD is evident as the first step toward a successful PERM application. Completing this form accurately and submitting the requisite documents steers the course of your application.

How Can You Ensure Accurate Filing?

Filing for ETA 9141 can be tricky and daunting, so you need to be careful. However, if filed accurately, it displays your compliance with the labor certification process.

The information in the form should be accurate for the DOL to properly review and provide the right prevailing wage. How do you ensure accuracy when applying for PWD? Here are some tips:

  • Double-Check All Information. The DOL will use the information in the form to determine the prevailing wage. Mistakes or inaccuracies might only delay the application.
  • Gather All Necessary Documents Before Filing. Having the required documents to support the application before filing ETA-9141 prevents rushing, which might cause inaccuracies during submission.
  • File The ETA-9141 Online & Use The Latest Version. Filing the form through the DOL’s Foreign Labor Application Gateway (FLAG) system expedites the process. To prevent instant rejection, you should also ensure you use the latest version of the form.
  • Hire A Work Visa Attorney. If you want to ensure accuracy in filing ETA-9141, you will greatly benefit from hiring a Work Visa lawyer. They can guide you throughout the PERM process and help you avoid pitfalls that might cause delays or rejection in your application.

Attention to detail is essential when filing for ETA-9141. It is also vital when applying for a labor certification, as mistakes can cause rejection. A business immigration lawyer can provide invaluable assistance to ensure a smooth and successful process.

How Can Lozano Law Firm Assist You?

Find Out How A Lozano Law Firm Work Visa Lawyer Can Help You

Get a Work Visa attorney to simplify and streamline the PERM process. Lozano Law Firm’s lawyers can assist you in bringing in foreign workers who are qualified for your job openings. They can also guide you in gathering necessary documents and filing for labor certification. Doing so helps foreign workers obtain a job as a path to permanent residency.

With their experience in business immigration law, these legal professionals play a pivotal role in clarifying the immigration process and minimizing errors that could jeopardize the application’s success. Entrusting your application to an experienced lawyer for business immigration provides assurance and peace of mind.

That said, Work Visa attorneys play a critical role in ensuring the accurate and timely application of PWD. They help you navigate the complexities of the labor certification process. They can also strategize to maximize your chances of success in sponsoring foreign workers for employment-based immigration.


The ETA-9141 is the foundation of the PERM process. It serves as a crucial benchmark, ensuring fair compensation for foreign workers while protecting the integrity of the U.S. labor market. Gaining proficiency in accurately filling out this form and submitting the necessary documents guides the trajectory of your application.

To avoid unfavorable outcomes, seek the services of a Work Visa attorney to ensure accurate and timely filing. Lozano Law Firm has an exceptional team to help you and foreign workers navigate the intricate PERM process.

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