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When obtaining a Green Card, many people may not realize the opportunities that exist through family connections. One avenue that often goes under the radar is the possibility of applying for it through one’s children, who are U.S. citizens. This process, known as family-based immigration, can provide a pathway to lawful permanent residency.

Are you a U.S. citizen planning to petition for your parents or immediate family members? Learn more about the immigration process and how a family immigration attorney can help.

Family Immigration Attorney Helps You Obtain Family Based Green Card

Pathway To Permanent Residency Through Adult Children

 Securing immigrant Visas is the first step in obtaining a Green Card. One pathway involves leveraging the strength of familial bonds, mainly through adult children’s sponsorship. In this context, being close family members of U.S. citizens stands out as a significant way to get a permanent resident card. This shows how much the United States values keeping families together.

Privilege Of Immediate Relatives

The category of immediate relatives encompasses parents, spouses, and unmarried children under 21 years of age. These individuals enjoy a distinct advantage within the application process. Their exemption from annual limits allows for a smoother and quicker processing experience. This special consideration emphasizes the United States’ commitment to valuing and preserving family bonds.

Sponsorship By Adult Children

Adult children who are U.S. citizens can take the lead in reuniting with their immediate family. They can pave the way for their parents’ Green Card applications through sponsorship. Notably, this sponsorship requires the adult child who initiates the petition to be at least 21 years old.

Promote Family Unity

Family-based Visas act as a bridge to bring families separated by distance closer together. This process involves a special category for immediate relatives, such as the petitioner’s parents, spouses, and young children. However, dealing with immigration law goes beyond mere logistics. More than a streamlined pathway to obtaining a Green Card, family immigration underscores the pivotal role that adult children play in enabling family reunification.

The Application Process

The path to obtaining a Green Card for family members involves essential steps. The process comprises two main stages: filing an immigrant petition and applying for a Green Card.

Form I-130’s Purpose & Significance

At the core of the immigrant petition is Form I-130, officially known as the Petition for Alien Relative. Ensuring the accurate completion of Form I-130 is essential. Any discrepancies or inaccuracies within this form could significantly impede the progression of the entire application process.

Form I-485: Adjustment Of Status Application

After the submission of Form I-130, the beneficiary of the petition (the intending immigrant) may be eligible to file Form I-485. This form is also called the Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status. This is the pivotal stage where the applicant seeks to adjust their status to lawful permanent residents. Form I-485 requires a thorough and accurate completion, as it reflects the intent to live permanently in the United States.

Biometrics Appointment

Upon filing Form I-485, the applicant will likely receive a notice for a biometrics appointment. During this appointment, fingerprints, photographs, and a signature are taken for background checks. Avoiding mistakes during this procedure is crucial, as any discrepancies could lead to delays or complications.

Form I-864 : Affidavit Of Support

As part of the Green Card application process, the petitioner may need to submit Form I-864, the Affidavit of Support. This form demonstrates that the intending immigrant will not become a public charge. It provides proof that there is financial support available from the petitioner. Ensuring financial information and documentation accuracy is essential to avoid potential issues.

Form I-765: Employment Authorization Application

Applicants may also file Form I-765 to request an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) while their Green Card application is pending. The EAD allows them to legally work in the United States during this time.

Form I-131: Advance Parole Application

Sometimes, applicants may need to travel outside the U.S. while their Green Card application is pending. Form I-131, the Application for Travel Document (Advance Parole), may be necessary to avoid abandoning the application. It is crucial to consult with your immigration attorney if you have plans to travel to another country while your petition is pending.

Green Card Interview

In many cases, applicants must attend an interview with USCIS. The interview aims to verify the information in the application forms and supporting documents. Preparing thoroughly for this interview, reviewing previously submitted data, and ensuring consistency are crucial.

Medical Examination

Applicants might need to undergo a medical examination by a designated doctor to ensure they meet health standards for immigration. Your immigration lawyer can assist you in this process and ensure that you are taking all necessary steps, avoiding delay in your petition.

How A Family Immigration Attorney Helps

Experienced immigration attorneys thoroughly grasp the nuances of family-based immigration. They often have the skills to help you maneuver through difficult situations or when complications arise. Family based immigration lawyers can ensure accurate and complete documentation, thus preventing any potential delays or errors.

Strategic Approach

Recognizing the distinct circumstances of each family, immigration attorneys adopt tailored strategies that align with individual goals. These legal professionals collaborate closely with clients to create approaches that increase the likelihood of success.

Form Preparation

At the core of the Green Card application process is Form I-130, a document that requires precise completion. Skilled family immigration attorneys are adept at meticulously filling out and reviewing these forms, leaving no room for mistakes that might hinder progress in the application.

Document Compilation

Accurately portraying a family relationship relies on gathering thorough documentation. Experienced Green Card attorneys assist clients in organizing the necessary documents, conveying the story of the family connection genuinely and convincingly.

Error Prevention

 Even minor oversights can lead to significant delays. Experienced immigration attorneys pay attention to detail, minimizing the risk of errors that could result in setbacks. The application process can be complex, but the assistance of a reliable Green Card lawyer can help avoid such mistakes.

Timely Communication

Staying well-informed throughout the application process is crucial. Reliable immigration attorneys maintain regular communication, ensuring clients know their application’s progress and addressing possible concerns.

Advocacy & Support

Having skilled legal representatives on your side means having advocates who understand the system. They adeptly navigate challenges, protecting the rights and goals of their clients.

Embarking on the journey to a Green Card through family-based immigration requires knowledge, precision, and dedication to your story. Skilled family immigration attorneys can help make a seamless and successful path to lawful permanent residency.

Let A Family Immigration Lawyer From Lozano Law Firm Help You

Experienced Family Immigration Attorney Will Successfully Advise You To Start Your Immigration Process And Be Able To Hold A Green Card In Your Hands

If you want a simplified experience in obtaining a Green Card for your family members, you need the skills of a qualified legal team. Lozano Law Firm’s skilled immigration lawyers are dedicated to assisting you every step of the way. Don’t hesitate to contact the firm and find out which family based Visa leading to a Green Card best suits your current circumstances.


Obtaining a Green Card through an adult U.S. citizen son or daughter is a viable opportunity seldom explored. The process begins with determining an individual’s eligibility. Once a parent meets the criteria to apply for permanent residency through their children, the petitioner must submit an accomplished Form I-130 along with the necessary supporting documents.

However, the process can be complex depending on the applicant’s situation. It is crucial to seek help from an experienced family immigration lawyer. They can walk with you every step of the way and ensure a seamless application process.

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