Benefits Of Working With A Business Immigration Lawyer

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In today’s global stage, attracting and retaining top international talents is crucial for many enterprises. On the flip side, navigating these complexities can be challenging. Success also hinges on knowing the local laws well. In this situation, an immigration lawyer serves as a guide to enhance your company’s profitability and competitive edge.

Delve into the benefits of working alongside a seasoned immigration attorney. You will gain insights into why this partnership could be the game-changer you’ve been seeking.

Discover What Benefits You Can Get With A Business Immigration Lawyer

Why Hire A Business Immigration Lawyer

The ever-changing regulations and policies can leave you feeling lost. Thus, it’s crucial to collaborate with an immigration lawyer right from the start. They can make applying for Business Visas, Green Cards, and other immigration benefits less stressful.

Streamline The Application Process

One primary reason to hire a business immigration lawyer is that they help streamline the application process. Navigating the law alone can lead to frustrations, errors, and unnecessary delays. By seeking the services of a skilled lawyer, businesses can ensure the meticulous preparation and timely submission of applications. This saves time and reduces the risk of application rejections or complications that could impact operations.

Guide In Navigating Immigration Law

Business immigration lawyers provide extensive support on various facets of U.S. immigration law, including employment, investing, and travel Visas. They assist in the entire process, from the applications to ensuring compliance with travel regulations. Keeping up-to-date with the latest developments, they provide personalized advice based on your circumstances.

Guidance For Business Investors

For investors looking to enter the U.S. market, navigating the complex landscape of immigration law can be particularly challenging. Business immigration attorneys are crucial in providing guidance and support, helping you understand the requirements for various Visa categories.

Additionally, they leverage their skills to assess business ventures, identify risks, and develop compelling plans aligning with USCIS criteria. More importantly, these legal professionals guide you in structuring your investments to ensure compliance with regulations.

Advocacy For Employees

Employees are the lifeblood of any business, and ensuring their smooth transition through the immigration process is paramount. Immigration lawyers help streamline the Visa application process for them. They manage complex paperwork and application procedures with ease, reducing the burden on employees. They also ensure accurate and timely document submission to avoid delays and application denials.

Attorneys protect employee rights throughout the process, addressing concerns and challenges. They build a strong case for the employee’s Visa application, enhancing the likelihood of approval. As a result, businesses can be competitive when it comes to workforce and resources.

Support Family Reunification

Business immigration attorneys prioritize reuniting families by securing Visas for spouses and dependent children. They assist by helping you obtain derivative Visas, manage paperwork, ensure proper filing, and address potential issues.

A lawyer’s competence provides peace of mind for employees and contributes to their family’s well-being. This fosters increased job productivity and loyalty to the company. As a domino effect, these factors make the business more stable and profitable.

Assist You With Different Types Of Visas

Lozano Law Firm is proficient in a wide range of Visa categories. Their attorneys are well-versed in work, investor, and family-based Visas, providing personalized guidance from start to finish. With their support, you can confidently navigate the intricate requirements of each type.

Knowing how a legal professional can guide your immigration journey, you will now explore the specifics of employment-based Visas. Learn the different options and how they empower you and your stakeholders to achieve your immigration goals.

Employment-Based Visas

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) offers various employment-based Visas. It is to attract and retain skilled foreign workers who can contribute meaningfully to the American economy. Here’s an overview of three popular options.

EB-1: Extraordinary Ability, Outstanding Professors & Researchers

The EB-1 Visa, or Employment-Based Immigration: First Preference, is designed for individuals with extraordinary abilities. It includes outstanding professors, researchers, multinational executives, and managers. 

Applicants must demonstrate extraordinary abilities or sustained national or international acclaim to qualify. They must show proficiency in science, art, education, business, or athletics. Alternatively, they may be outstanding professors or researchers with notable academic achievements. Multinational executives and managers employed abroad by a qualifying multinational company may also be eligible.

The EB-1 Visa allows one to enter and work in the United States. It does not require labor certification, making it an attractive option for individuals with exceptional talents or significant professional achievements. Additionally, this category allows a qualified individual to eventually apply for permanent residency. 

EB-2 Visa: For Professionals & Individuals With Exceptional Ability

The EB-2 Visa category caters to two distinct groups: professionals with advanced degrees and individuals with exceptional ability in their field of competence.

Professionals With Advanced Degrees 

Here, the position you are applying for should demand an advanced degree. You must hold such an educational attainment or its foreign equivalent. This can include a bachelor’s degree or its corresponding education, along with five years of progressive post-bachelor work experience.

Individuals With Exceptional Ability

This stream focuses on individuals with exceptional ability in the arts, sciences, or business. Unlike professionals with advanced degrees, they might lack specific educational qualifications but are exceptionally talented in various ways. This could be evident in awards, recognition by national or international organizations, or a documented record of achievements in their field.

Both groups within the EB-2 category face a labor certification process. This process involves demonstrating that no qualified U.S. worker can fill the position, which can be lengthy and complex. However, a national interest waiver (NIW) can exempt specific individuals with exceptional ability from the labor certification requirement. To qualify for this, applicants must show that their work will substantially benefit the United States.

EB-5 Visa: For Immigrant Investors

This category is for foreign investors seeking permanent residency in the United States by contributing to economic growth. This program targets individuals willing to invest capital in a U.S. commercial enterprise, creating jobs and stimulating local economies. Here are the eligibility criteria for foreign investors.

  • Investment Amount: Applicants must invest a minimum amount of capital in a qualifying commercial enterprise. The current requirement is $1.8 million for investments in rural areas or targeted employment areas (TEAs). The government designates TEAs as areas with high unemployment rates.
  • Investment Type: The investment must be made in a new commercial enterprise. This can be a newly established or existing business undergoing significant expansion.
  • Job Creation: The investment must generate at least ten full-time positions for eligible U.S. workers. These jobs can be either direct or indirect and result from investment in the local economy.

The EB-5 program provides a pathway to U.S. permanent residency for investors and their families while boosting the local economy. However, due to the complex application process, one should carefully research risks and seek guidance from an immigration attorney.

These are only a few examples of the diverse employment-based Visa options available. Consulting with a business immigration lawyer can help you determine the most suitable category for your needs.

Why Choose Lozano Law Firm In Texas

Partnering with Lozano Law Firm simplifies your journey and increases your chances of success. Here are the key factors that set them apart.

Skillful Guidance Every Step Of The WayA Business Immigration Lawyer Will Help You Successfully Start A New Life In The U.S.

In immigration, the firm emerges as a reliable guide for navigating complexities. Backed by a proven history, its team adeptly helps businesses and individuals through the intricacies of the law. With their skillful guidance, you can confidently navigate every step of the process, ensuring compliance and maximizing your chances of success.

Tailored Solutions To Your Needs

Composed of experienced attorneys, their team is dedicated to helping you reach your immigration objectives. They prioritize personalized, cost-effective services, ensuring you receive the attention and support you deserve. By understanding your unique circumstances and objectives, they develop strategies that align with your goals.

Unwavering Support Beyond Legal Services

The firm’s support goes beyond just legal representation. They advocate for your success, providing invaluable guidance throughout your journey. This approach has earned them the trust and recognition of being reputable professionals in the industry.


Attracting and retaining international talents is crucial for enterprises in the modern business landscape. Therefore, you must ensure that you can navigate the complexities of immigration law wisely and confidently. With this in mind, you need the help of immigration lawyers. These legal professionals provide comprehensive support and tailored guidance for foreign investors and employees. They advocate for employees, facilitate family reunification, and navigate various Visa categories.

In Texas, Lozano Law Firm stands out for its adept guidance and unwavering commitment beyond legal services. Their holistic approach ensures clients’ immigration journeys are simplified and successful, enhancing companies’ profitability and competitiveness in the global market.

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