10 Tips For Your Naturalization N-400 Interview

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The Naturalization N-400 interview interview is one of the final steps to the Naturalization process in immigration. The N-400 is the name of the application required to become a Naturalized United States citizen.

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Below we share tips on preparing for your Naturalization n-400 interview.

The Naturalization N-400 interview exam is not just about memorizing facts regarding U.S. history or personal background information. Memorizing trivia type information is something that many people can do, including U.S. born citizens, but soon after forgetting.

One tip we want to highlight today for anyone preparing to attend their N-400 interview must keep in mind is to fully prepare for the interview. The critical thing to keep in mind for the N-400 interview is to comprehend the information. This means understanding what the question is asking.

This is important because the question could be asked differently than expected. Here is an example of a simple question that could be asked regarding an address (this is just an example and does not reflect the actual interview questions).

A) Expected question: What is your mailing address?

B) Question asked: If I needed to send you a piece of mail, where should it be addressed to?

The question above could be asked to decipher if the person taking the exam fully understands the English language, which is one requirement of the exam.

If the person only memorized the question and answer as it is written in example A, but instead was asked the question in example B, it is possible the interviewee could get confused. The question though stated differently is essentially the same therefore, the answer does not change. Fully comprehending the question means knowing what the facts are and being able to express those facts despite how the question is posed. Remember, even if your attorney attends the interview with you, he or she cannot answer questions for you.

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For more information and resources on the N-400 visit this page https://www.abogadolozano.com/form-n-400/

USCIS is always a good source to research for any immigration issue. https://www.uscis.gov/citizenship/learners/apply-citizenship/forms-and-fees

We understand the immigration process can be confusing. Contact us for a consultation today. All clients will be walked through exactly what to expect and how to prepare for their Naturalization interview.

Here are the other nine important tips to keep in mind when preparing for your N-400 Naturalization Interview:

    1. Review the N-400 application question by question
    2. Have a copy of the N-400 submitted
    3. Review any criminal convictions for accuracy
    4. Take original documents with you
    5. Have reference of any name changes on application
    6. Be ready to address and mention any trips outside the country
    7. Record of any arrests
    8. Have latest income tax or extension
    9. State if you are nervous and focus on the questions

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