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Johhan Pinot Immigration Testimonial

"Due to the good reviews online we chose your firm. Services were what we expected. Mr. Lozano was wonderful to work with...(The Lozano Law Firm) made us feel confident and reduced our worries. We have less stress about immigration status/work. We recommend (The Lozano Law Firm). " - Johhan Pinot

2018-01-12T07:27:32+00:0012 Jan, 2018|

Adan (and Olinda) Marquez

“I feel very happy that they already gave me my green form that says that I am approved. I am very happy that my lawyer, Alfredo, helped me to make my dream a reality.” – Adan Marquez “ I feel good. I feel happy. Thank you guys so much. It was a little nerve wrecking [...]

2017-12-29T07:23:00+00:0029 Dec, 2017|

Victor Manuel Melendez Garcia

Through this letter, I would like to greatly thank you for representing me in front of USCIS, to be able to obtain my American citizenship. More than just the client-attorney relationship, I would like to recognize your willingness to serve, your time, professionalism, vast knowledge in immigration rights, as well as your team, which also [...]

2012-06-03T16:25:28+00:003 Jun, 2012|

Judith Sanchez

I liked very much the attorney's accessibility. I was in Mexico while he was working on my legal case. We were maintaining communication through e mail, and he was responding to my e mails very fast. I saved a lot of money because of it, since I did not use the telephone. When I went [...]

2012-02-10T16:30:52+00:0010 Feb, 2012|

Raul Bermudez

Soliciting the services of my lawyer was a great decision. During my appointment at the American Embassy for the renovation of my visa, I could observe others' petitions were rejected. When giving my documents, previously drafted and reviewed by my lawyer, they were accepted, and my visa was renewed for the maximum number of years [...]

2012-02-10T16:32:37+00:0010 Feb, 2012|

Homero Treviño

I became a U.S. citizen after my attorney took on my case. He was persistent in defending me in front of the immigration officer. His knowledge and professionalism made the expense all worthwhile.

2012-02-10T16:33:28+00:0010 Feb, 2012|

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