Immigration Client Testimonials

/Immigration Client Testimonials

Immigration Testimonial Ray Suarez

Becoming a legal permanent resident and obtaining a green card is one huge accomplishment for our clients. In this case, our client not achieved that success for himself, but he was also able to help his children obtain their green cards. Ray shared his experience with the law firm with us and also why he [...]

2019-02-14T18:59:03+00:0014 Feb, 2019|

Immigration Testimonial Michale DeVilbiss

We love hearing from our clients. Day in and day out, we do what we do because it helps people live a better life. It brings us great joy to hear firsthand that we were successful in helping our clients attain their immigration status goal. If you are a former client and would like to [...]

2019-02-14T16:06:40+00:0029 Nov, 2018|

Immigration Testimonial from Mario Jimenez

Our client Mario Jimenez was so happy with our services that he invited managing attorney Alfredo Lozano out for a meal to celebrate his citizenship.   His wife left the review below on our Facebook page. "Una persona muy profesional, quedamos muy satisfechos con su trabajo, por él mi e poso obtubo su ciudadanía hace 5 años y ahora mis hijas, lo recomiendo ampliamente.Gracias abogado Alfredo Lozano y todo su equipo "

2018-11-29T23:42:04+00:0029 Nov, 2018|

Immigration Testimonial Cristela Ponce

Immigration Testimonial from client Cristela Ponce. Cristela worked with The Lozano Law Firm to gain her Permanent Resident status. Before, Cristela could not pursue her dreams of becoming a nurse not to mention all the other struggles immigrants face.Today, Cristela is very happy to live a more free life and be not only do more [...]

2018-05-11T07:43:06+00:0011 May, 2018|

Immigration Testimonial Ofelia Avila

"I could not see my daughter. I could not see my family and now I am able to go to Mexico to see them. I can hug my daughter. I thank you very much. There are no more barriers ...I recommend you (The Lozano Law Firm).  With your help,we can achieve the dream of being [...]

2018-03-19T09:08:04+00:0019 Mar, 2018|

Roger & Mary Lou Nucamendi Immigration Testimonial

"I went to the law office of Lozano to seek assistance with an immigration issue. My husband was seeking advice on how to become a legal resident in the US. The benefits have been great such as: My husband self-esteem has been renewed by finding employment. His job has help with our monetary hardship. It [...]

2018-01-12T07:27:57+00:0012 Jan, 2018|

Johhan Pinot Immigration Testimonial

"Due to the good reviews online we chose your firm. Services were what we expected. Mr. Lozano was wonderful to work with...(The Lozano Law Firm) made us feel confident and reduced our worries. We have less stress about immigration status/work. We recommend (The Lozano Law Firm). " - Johhan Pinot

2018-01-12T07:27:32+00:0012 Jan, 2018|

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