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Through this letter, I would like to greatly thank you for representing me in front of USCIS, to be able to obtain my American citizenship. More than just the client-attorney relationship, I would like to recognize your willingness to serve, your time, professionalism, vast knowledge in immigration rights, as well as your team, which also offers excellent client service and gave me the security I needed to be able to present my citizenship exam and thus become a US citizen.

Thanks to the Lord, and to my preparation, I can say today, “I AM A CITIZEN OF THIS GREAT COUNTRY, THE UNITED STATES”, but this would not have been possible were it not for the professional services of your firm. I thank you very much for the time you always had for me, in the doubts and the questions that came up about my case in particular; you were always willing to give me of your valuable time to listen to me, give me opportune answers and more than anything, to give me the confidence I needed in those moments.

The great effort that you give daily to help people to be able to legally reside in this country should be greatly recognized, which is why I am writing you this letter of thanks and recognition.

I can longer share this joy of being an American citizen with my father, whom I lost a year and a half ago, but my wife, my mother and my sister join me in thanking you for your valuable help, and may God bless you always.

About Alfredo Lozano

alfredo lozano of lozano law firm inAlfredo Lozano is the founder and principal attorney at Lozano Law Firm, an immigration law firm serving the communities of San Antonio, Eagle Pass, Laredo and San Angelo in business and family-based immigration law. Mr. Lozano is a member of the State Bar of Texas, the San Antonio Bar Association, and the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

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