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a warning to legal residents returning to the united states

A Warning To Legal Residents Returning To The United States: Form I-407, Abandonment Of LPR Status

On January 27, 2017, President Trump signed an executive order banning all people from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya and Somalia from being able ...
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defending yourself against deportation

Defending Yourself Against Deportation

Are you looking for the best deportation lawyers in Texas? It’s quite understandable if you are. Recent changes in immigration policies shook the legal landscape, ...
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e 2 visa through franchise purchase

E-2 Visa Through Franchise Purchase Unlocks Opportunities

Did you know you can purchase an existing U.S. business and qualify for an E-2 Visa? Buying a franchise in the United States can open ...
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trump and foreign labor making your temporary workers permanent

Trump & Foreign Labor, Part II: NT Making Your Temporary Workers PERMANENT

Our last blog on the topic of non-immigrant employees discussed some of the ways these programs may be at risk under the incoming administration. As ...
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trump and foreign labor

Trump & Foreign Labor – Part I

Consistent with the president-elect’s view on other immigration issues, Mr. Trump’s thoughts on certain worker Visa programs cast doubt and worry amongst the businesses and ...
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can citizenship be taken away

Can The U.S. Government Revoke Your Birthright Citizenship?

Imagine citizenship as a big, juicy pie. Everyone wants a piece, but only some know how to get it or even what it means. In ...
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