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Roger & Mary Lou Nucamendi Immigration Testimonial

"I went to the law office of Lozano to seek assistance with an immigration issue. My husband was seeking advice on how to become a legal resident in the US. The benefits have been great such as: My husband self-esteem has been renewed by finding employment. His job has help with our monetary hardship. It [...]

2018-01-12T07:27:57+00:0012 Jan, 2018|

Johhan Pinot Immigration Testimonial

"Due to the good reviews online we chose your firm. Services were what we expected. Mr. Lozano was wonderful to work with...(The Lozano Law Firm) made us feel confident and reduced our worries. We have less stress about immigration status/work. We recommend (The Lozano Law Firm). " - Johhan Pinot

2018-01-12T07:27:32+00:0012 Jan, 2018|

10 tips for your Naturalization N-400 Interview

The Naturalization N-400 interview interview is one of the final steps to the Naturalization process in immigration. The N-400 is the name of the application required to become a Naturalized United States citizen. Below we share tips on preparing for your Naturalization n-400 interview. The Naturalization N-400 interview exam is not just about memorizing facts [...]

2018-11-20T01:15:58+00:0012 Jan, 2018|

Adan (and Olinda) Marquez

“I feel very happy that they already gave me my green form that says that I am approved. I am very happy that my lawyer, Alfredo, helped me to make my dream a reality.” – Adan Marquez “ I feel good. I feel happy. Thank you guys so much. It was a little nerve wrecking [...]

2017-12-29T07:23:00+00:0029 Dec, 2017|

Christmas Tips for the Long-Distance Family Immigration

Family Immigration and Business Immigration work keeps us very busy all year long. But during our annual Christmas festivity, we take time away from the office to have some fun and relax. This year however, the entire team was not able to physically be at the gathering. Three of our team members from Mexico and [...]

2017-12-18T13:22:34+00:0018 Dec, 2017|

Immigration Attorney Q&A Facebook Live

Immigration Attorney responds to community After last month's visit to Eagle Pass, we were approached by local media Eagle Pass 411, an online source for community news. They informed us that many of their visitors would benefit from learning more about our services and invited immigration attorney Alfredo Lozano to record a Facebook Live. We [...]

2017-12-18T13:22:12+00:0018 Dec, 2017|

San Antonio To Provide Attorney For Immigrants Facing Deportation

Of all the immigrants facing deportation, less than 40% have legal representation. This is a problem. For example, in the United States, anyone who is facing a criminal charge, has a right to a lawyer, regardless of his or her immigration status. However, undocumented immigrant cases are not considered criminal charges, therefore, their cases don't [...]

2017-11-17T06:28:01+00:0017 Nov, 2017|

Department of Justice Strikes Down Federal Judge Opinion Questioning Recent Executive Action

In November 2014, President Obama initiated executive orders to address the country’s immigration issues. This series of orders called for: A crackdown at the border on illegal immigration; Priority focused on deporting felons rather than families; and Requirements of certain undocumented immigrants to pass a criminal background check and pay taxes for temporary stay relief. [...]

2015-01-12T14:42:43+00:0012 Jan, 2015|

What Immigration Qualifications Are Necessary to Be DAPA Eligible?

One of the initiatives listed under President Obama’s recent immigration law executive order will defer deportation of parents whose: Children are United States (U.S.) citizens and lawful permanent residents; Continuous residence has been in the U.S. since January 1, 2010; and Who are not a priority for removal from the U.S. According to The Washington [...]

2014-12-12T22:01:42+00:0012 Dec, 2014|

Defining Criminal Activity That May Bar DAPA Approval

Individuals who qualify for Deferred Action for Parental Accountability (DAPA) will not be deported. However, DAPA does not equal permanent resident status or citizenship. It does allow for obtaining employment authorization to legally work in the United States for periods of three years. There are basic qualifications pertaining to the level of recorded criminal activity [...]

2014-12-11T22:41:35+00:0011 Dec, 2014|

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